The following enhancements have been made to the ICC Online Codes Library platform:

arrow_right Modern, Intuitive design makes code contents easier to find.

arrow_right Consolidated collection of offerings. You no longer need to choose between free view and premiumACCESS before you discover which titles are available in that format. Now search across available titles directly from the landing page and filter the result set to find your desired building code or standard title.

arrow_right Expanded messaging describes ICC digital formats and the importance of building codes.

arrow_right 14 day premium trial allows you to select a book of your choosing and test drive premiumACCESS for two weeks. The trial is restricted to individual use only, meaning you cannot make a trial subscription concurrent for shared access.

arrow_right Revamped Search Engine. The back end search was completely rebuilt to make searching across our collection of titles much faster and more accurate.

arrow_right The premiumACCESS Dashboard design grants immediate access to premium features including content searching across purchased titles, ability to flag commonly used books as favorites, and options to export or share integrated notes.

arrow_right Expanded bonus content tagged throughout premiumACCESS titles including errata, interactive graphics, significant changes and code interpretations.

arrow_right The premiumACCESS sidebar allows quick access to premium features like annotations, content search, sharing and more.

arrow_right Sharing of notes and bookmarks with other premium users promotes collaboration across departments and projects.

arrow_right Monthly recurring premiumACCESS subscription provides a lower price point for purchasing premiumACCESS as well as the convenience of a “set it and forget it” service so that you never miss an update.

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