• This appendix gives guidance regarding qualifications and information that should be provided when undertaking computer modeling. More specifically, the appendix requests that computer program data be submitted as part of the documentation. Also, limitations and applicability of the model must be included as part of the documentation. Finally, the scenarios used to run the particular model must be justified.

    This is an area along with the analysis of individual performance-based designs and methods where organizations such as evaluation services may have a role. The model is only as good as the input selected and the specific application of the model. Very often, inappropriate and unrealistic input data is used, and models often have very specific application limitations. Therefore, simply because a model has been reviewed does not mean that enough information has been provided for the specific application to be accepted. The criteria used to approve the model must be very specific in order to provide guidance to the code official or outside reviewer as to what specifically about the model has been reviewed. These criteria will provide a clear understanding of what additional review of that specific application of the model may be necessary.