• This chapter describes the performance provisions of a building’s environment. It is divided into four areas:

    • Climate and Building Functionality addresses the provisions of space and climate appropriate for the needs of the occupants, the activities and the furnishings.

    • Indoor Air Quality addresses the need to provide adequate clean air within a building or facility for the occupants. This includes controlling the moisture content, odors, poisonous fumes, etc. This section is aimed at such problems as “sick building syndrome.”

    • Air-borne and Impact Sound requires that tenant, common and habitable spaces be insulated against sound transmission.

    • The criteria for light for everyday use in habitable spaces and means of egress is provided in the Artificial and Natural Light section.


    This chapter represents the comfort and health issues addressed by the prescriptive International Building Code in Chapter 12. The artificial and natural light requirements relate in part to portions of Chapter 10 of the IBC.