• SECTION 1201

    1201.1 Objective.
    To provide facilities with appropriate space, fixtures and equipment for personal hygiene.

    1201.2 Functional statement.
    To provide adequate plumbing fixtures that reasonably protect people from illness and provide reasonable access to such fixtures conducive to health, safety and comfort of the occupants.

    1201.3 Performance requirements.

    1201.3.1 Number of plumbing fixtures.
    Plumbing fixtures shall be provided in sufficient numbers appropriate for the intended use.

    1201.3.2 Privacy.
    Plumbing fixtures shall be located to provide appropriate privacy.

    1201.3.3 Cleanliness.
    Plumbing fixtures shall be constructed to avoid food contamination and accumulation of dirt or bacteria, and permit effective cleaning.

    1201.3.4 Wastewater removal.
    Plumbing fixtures shall be installed to discharge to drainage systems without contaminating food.

    1201.3.5 Location of plumbing fixtures.
    Facilities for personal hygiene shall be provided in convenient locations and spaces of appropriate size to permit the use of the fixtures.

    SECTION 1202

    1202.1 Objective.
    To provide adequate facilities for laundry.

    1202.2 Functional statement.
    Laundry facilities shall be provided for use by occupants of dwelling units.

    1202.3 Performance requirement.
    Space shall be adequate in size for the required fixtures and equipment.

    SECTION 1203

    1203.1 Objective.
    To provide sanitary distribution of water for drinking, food preparation and hygiene.

    1203.2 Functional statement.
    Sanitary water shall be delivered to fixtures, appliances and equipment at temperatures appropriate for the intended use.

    1203.3 Performance requirements.

    1203.3.1 Potable water.
    Water supplies intended for human consumption, oral hygiene, food preparation and the washing of cooking equipment shall be potable.

    1203.3.2 Nonpotable water.
    Water supplies and outlets providing nonpotable water shall be clearly identified.

    1203.3.3 Hot water.
    Plumbing fixtures and appliances used for personal hygiene, laundering and the washing of cooking equipment shall be provided with hot water.

    1203.3.4 Scalding.
    Where hot water is provided for personal hygiene, it shall be delivered at a temperature to avoid scalding.

    1203.3.5 Water supply contamination.
    Water supplies shall be installed to avoid potable water contamination.

    1203.3.6 Flow rate and pressure.
    Water supplies shall be provided to plumbing fixtures, appliances and equipment at a flow rate and pressure adequate for their operation.

    1203.3.7 Leak prevention.
    Water piping shall be installed in a leak-free manner.

    1203.3.8 Access.
    Water systems shall be installed to allow adequate access for maintenance.

    1203.3.9 Water piping isolation and protection from contamination.
    Water piping shall be installed with provisions for adequate isolation of the system and branches and to provide protection from contamination.

    1203.3.10 Hot water vessels.
    Vessels used for producing hot water shall be provided with safety devices to relieve excessive pressure and limit temperatures.

    SECTION 1204

    1204.1 Objective.
    To provide safe drainage and disposal systems for wastewater from plumbing fixtures, appliances and equipment.

    1204.2 Functional statement.
    The drainage system shall conduct wastewater to an appropriate disposal point, protect people from contamination and unpleasant odor, and avoid blockages.

    1204.3 Performance requirements.

    1204.3.1 Prevention of blockage and leakage.
    The drainage system shall conduct wastewater from all plumbing fixtures, appliances and equipment, avoiding the likelihood of blockage and leakage.

    1204.3.2 Sewer gases.
    The drainage system shall be designed and installed to prevent sewer gases from entering the building.

    1204.3.3 Accessibility.
    The drainage system shall be accessible for maintenance and clearing of blockages.

    1204.3.4 Sewer connection.
    The drainage system shall be connected to the sewer in a manner acceptable to the operator of the sewer system.

    1204.3.5 On-site sewage disposal.
    On-site sewage disposal systems shall be designed and installed in an approved manner.