• SECTION 1401

    1401.1 Objective.
    To provide safe installation of electrical power and lighting for the building systems and use by the building occupants.

    1401.2 Functional statement.
    The electrical installations shall have safeguards against personal injury and the outbreak of fire.

    1401.3 Performance requirements.

    1401.3.1 Protection from live parts.
    People and building elements shall be protected against contact with live parts.

    1401.3.2 Isolation.
    The electrical installation shall allow safe isolation of devices, equipment and appliances.

    1401.3.3 Protection from excessive current.
    People shall be protected from the effects of current exceeding the rating of the installation.

    1401.3.4 Electromechanical stress.
    The installation shall protect all components and equipment from electromechanical stress caused by current exceeding its rating.

    1401.3.5 Thermal damage.
    Building elements shall be protected from thermal damage due to heat transfer or electric arc from electrical power installations.

    1401.3.6 Installation environment.
    The installation shall operate safely in the intended environment.

    1401.3.7 Flammable and explosive atmosphere.
    The installation shall prevent ignition of the atmosphere containing flammable or explosive elements.

    1401.3.8 Essential services and equipment.
    Essential services and equipment shall have a power supply protected in a manner to ensure continued operation for an appropriate time after a power failure.

    1401.3.9 Power supplier.
    The building electrical installation shall protect the safety features of the power supplier.