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Electrical & Plumbing are available to read on our website: The 2017 OPSC is based on the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code and the 2017 OESC is based on the 2017 NPFA 70, National Electrical Code. When the ORSC references the OMSC, we use the generic “Mechanical Code” so it applies to the OMSC effective at the time.

2014 Oregon Fire Code
2014 OR Energy Efficiency Specialty Code
2014 Oregon Structural Specialty Code
2014 Oregon Residential Specialty Code
2014 Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code
2011 Oregon Residential Specialty Code
2010 OR Energy Efficiency Specialty Code
2010 Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code
2010 Oregon Structural Specialty Code
2017 OR Residential Specialty Code
International Energy Conservation Code