Italics are used for text within Sections 1903 through 1905 of this code to indicate provisions that differ from ACI 318.
    User note: Code change proposals to this chapter will be considered by the IBC – Structural Code
    Development Committee during the 2016 (Group B) Code Development Cycle. See explanation on page iv.


    1901.1 Scope.

    The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, quality control, design and construction of concrete used in structures.

    1901.2 Plain and reinforced concrete.

    Structural concrete shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and ACI 318 as amended in Section 1905 of this code. Except for the provisions of Sections 1904 and 1907, the design and construction of slabs on grade shall not be governed by this chapter unless they transmit vertical loads or lateral forces from other parts of the structure to the soil.

    1901.3 Anchoring to concrete.

    Anchoring to concrete shall be in accordance with ACI 318 as amended in Section 1905, and applies to cast-in (headed bolts, headed studs and hooked J- or L-bolts), post-installed expansion (torque-controlled and displacement-controlled), undercut and adhesive anchors.

    1901.4 Composite structural steel and concrete structures.

    Systems of structural steel acting compositely with reinforced concrete shall be designed in accordance with Section 2206 of this code.

    1901.5 Construction documents.

    The construction documents for structural concrete construction shall include:

    1. 1.The specified compressive strength of concrete at the stated ages or stages of construction for which each concrete element is designed.

    2. 2.The specified strength or grade of reinforcement.

    3. 3.The size and location of structural elements, reinforcement and anchors.

    4. 4.Provision for dimensional changes resulting from creep, shrinkage and temperature.

    5. 5.The magnitude and location of prestressing forces.

    6. 6.Anchorage length of reinforcement and location and length of lap splices.

    7. 7.Type and location of mechanical and welded splices of reinforcement.

    8. 8.Details and location of contraction or isolation joints specified for plain concrete.

    9. 9.Minimum concrete compressive strength at time of posttensioning.

    10. 10.Stressing sequence for posttensioning tendons.

    11. 11.For structures assigned to Seismic Design Category D, E or F, a statement if slab on grade is designed as a structural diaphragm.

    1901.6 Special inspections and tests.

    Special inspections and tests of concrete elements of buildings and structures and concreting operations shall be as required by Chapter 17.