User note: Code change proposals to this chapter will be considered by the IBC – Structural Code
    Development Committee during the 2016 (Group B) Code Development Cycle. See explanation on page iv.



    The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, design, construction and quality of wood members and their fasteners.

    2301.2General design requirements.

    The design of structural elements or systems, constructed partially or wholly of wood or wood-based products, shall be in accordance with one of the following methods:

    1. 1.Allowable stress design in accordance with Sections 2304, 2305 and 2306.

    2. 2.Load and resistance factor design in accordance with Sections 2304, 2305 and 2307.

    3. 3.Conventional light-frame construction in accordance with Sections 2304 and 2308.

    4. 4.AWC WFCM in accordance with Section 2309.

    5. 5.The design and construction of log structures in accordance with the provisions of ICC 400.

    2301.3Nominal sizes.

    For the purposes of this chapter, where dimensions of lumber are specified, they shall be deemed to be nominal dimensions unless specifically designated as actual dimensions (see Section 2304.2).