The provisions in this chapter are applicable to commercial buildings and their building sites.


    Commercial buildings shall comply with one of the following:

    1. 1.The requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

    2. 2.The requirements of Sections C402 through C405. In addition, commercial buildings shall comply with Section C406 and tenant spaces shall comply with Section C406.1.1.

    3. 3.The requirements of Sections C402.5, C403.2, C404, C405.2, C405.3, C405.5, C405.6 and C407. The building energy cost shall be equal to or less than 85 percent of the standard reference design building.

    C401.2.1Application to replacement fenestration products.

    Where some or all of an existing fenestration unit is replaced with a new fenestration product, including sash and glazing, the replacement fenestration unit shall meet the applicable requirements for U-factor and SHGC in Table C402.4.

    Exception: An area-weighted average of the U-factor of replacement fenestration products being installed in the building for each fenestration product category listed in Table C402.4 shall be permitted to satisfy the U-factor requirements for each fenestration product category listed in Table C402.4. Individual fenestration products from different product categories listed in Table C402.3 shall not be combined in calculating the area-weighted average U-factor.