Page R-29, Section R401.2.1: Item 9 now reads …9. Bedrooms with exterior walls facing two different directions have operable fenestration.

    Page R-32, Section R402.3.2: Exception, line 4 now reads …Table R402.1.2.

    Page R-37, Section R403.10: line 4 now reads …through R403.10.3.

    Page R-37, Section R403.10.1 has been deleted.

    Page R-37, Section R403.10.2 title now reads …R403.10.1 Heaters

    Page R-37, Section R403.10.3 title now reads …R403.10.2 Time switches

    Page R-37, Section R403.10.4 title now reads …R403.10.3 Covers

    Page R-39, TABLE R405.5.2(1): column 2, row 6 now reads …Emittance = 0.90

    Page R-41, Section R406.2 now reads …R406.2 Mandatory requirements. Compliance with this section requires that the provisions identified in Sections R401 through R404 labeled as “mandatory” and Section R403.5.3 be met. The building thermal envelope shall be greater than or equal to levels of efficiency and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient in Table 402.1.1 or 402.1.3 of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code.

    Page R-44, Section R503.1.1.1: line 6 now reads …in Table R402.1.2.

    Page R-50, TABLE RA301.1(3): column 1 now reads …CARBON MONOXIDE LEVEL (ppm)