• Part IAdministrative




    [A]101.1 Title.

    These regulations shall be known as the Fire Code of [NAME OF JURISDICTION], hereinafter referred to as “this code.”

    [A]101.2 Scope.

    This code establishes regulations affecting or relating to structures, processes, premises and safeguards regarding all of the following:

    1. 1.The hazard of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling or use of structures, materials or devices.

    2. 2.Conditions hazardous to life, property or public welfare in the occupancy of structures or premises.

    3. 3.Fire hazards in the structure or on the premises from occupancy or operation.

    4. 4.Matters related to the construction, extension, repair, alteration or removal of fire suppression or alarm systems.

    5. 5.Conditions affecting the safety of fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.

    [A]101.2.1 Appendices.

    Provisions in the appendices shall not apply unless specifically adopted.

    [A]101.3 Intent.

    The purpose of this code is to establish the minimum requirements consistent with nationally recognized good practice for providing a reasonable level of life safety and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in new and existing buildings, structures and premises, and to provide a reasonable level of safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.

    [A]101.4 Severability.

    If a section, subsection, sentence, clause or phrase of this code is, for any reason, held to be unconstitutional, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this code.

    [A]101.5 Validity.

    In the event any part or provision of this code is held to be illegal or void, this shall not have the effect of making void or illegal any of the other parts or provisions hereof, which are determined to be legal; and it shall be presumed that this code would have been adopted without such illegal or invalid parts or provisions.