2301.1 Scope.

    Automotive motor fuel-dispensing facilities, marine motor fuel-dispensing facilities, fleet vehicle motor fuel-dispensing facilities, aircraft motor-vehicle fuel-dispensing facilities and repair garages shall be in accordance with this chapter and the International Building Code, International Fuel Gas Code and International Mechanical Code. Such operations shall include both those that are accessible to the public and private operations.

    2301.2 Permits.

    Permits shall be required as set forth in Section 105.6.

    2301.3 Construction documents.

    Construction documents shall be submitted for review and approval prior to the installation or construction of automotive, marine or fleet vehicle motor fuel-dispensing facilities and repair garages in accordance with Section 105.4.

    2301.4 Indoor motor fuel-dispensing facilities.

    Motor fuel-dispensing facilities located inside buildings shall comply with the International Building Code and NFPA 30A.

    2301.4.1 Protection of floor openings in indoor motor fuel-dispensing facilities.

    Where motor fuel-dispensing facilities are located inside buildings and the dispensers are located above spaces within the building, openings beneath dispensers shall be sealed to prevent the flow of leaked fuel to lower building spaces.

    2301.5 Electrical.

    Electrical wiring and equipment shall be suitable for the locations in which they are installed and shall comply with Section 605, NFPA 30A and NFPA 70.

    2301.6 Heat-producing appliances.

    Heat-producing appliances shall be suitable for the locations in which they are installed and shall comply with NFPA 30A and the International Fuel Gas Code or the International Mechanical Code.