2401.1 Scope.

    This chapter shall apply to locations or areas where any of the following activities are conducted:

    1. 1.The application of flammable finishes to articles or materials by means of spray apparatus.

    2. 2.The application of flammable finishes by dipping or immersing articles or materials into the contents of tanks, vats or containers of flammable or combustible liquids for coating, finishing, treatment or similar processes.

    3. 3.The application of flammable finishes by applying combustible powders to articles or materials utilizing powder spray guns, electrostatic powder spray guns, fluidized beds or electrostatic fluidized beds.

    4. 4.Floor surfacing or finishing operations using Class I or II liquids in areas exceeding 350 square feet (32.5 m2).

    5. 5.The application of flammable finishes consisting of dual-component coatings or Class I or II liquids when applied by brush or roller in quantities exceeding 1 gallon (4 L).

    2401.2 Nonapplicability.

    This chapter shall not apply to spray finishing utilizing flammable or combustible liquids that do not sustain combustion, including:

    1. 1.Liquids that have no fire point when tested in accordance with ASTM D 92.

    2. 2.Liquids with a flashpoint greater than 95°F (35°C) in a water-miscible solution or dispersion with a water and inert (noncombustible) solids content of more than 80 percent by weight.

    2401.3 Permits.

    Permits shall be required as set forth in Sections 105.6 and 105.7.