401.1 Scope.

    Reporting of emergencies, coordination with emergency response forces, emergency plans and procedures for managing or responding to emergencies shall comply with the provisions of this section.

    Exception: Firms that have approved on-premises fire-fighting organizations and that are in compliance with approved procedures for fire reporting.

    401.2 Approval.

    Where required by this code, fire safety plans, emergency procedures and employee training programs shall be approved by the fire code official.

    401.3 Emergency responder notification.

    Notification of emergency responders shall be in accordance with Sections 401.3.1 through 401.3.3.

    401.3.1 Fire events.

    In the event an unwanted fire occurs on a property, the owner or occupant shall immediately report such condition to the fire department.

    401.3.2 Alarm activations.

    Upon activation of a fire alarm signal, employees or staff shall immediately notify the fire department.

    401.3.3 Delayed notification.

    A person shall not, by verbal or written directive, require any delay in the reporting of a fire to the fire department.

    401.4 Required plan implementation.

    In the event an unwanted fire is detected in a building or a fire alarm activates, the emergency plan shall be implemented.

    401.5 Making false report.

    A person shall not give, signal or transmit a false alarm.

    401.6 Emergency evacuation drills.

    The sounding of a fire alarm signal and the carrying out of an emergency evacuation drill in accordance with the provisions of Section 405 shall be allowed.

    401.7 Unplanned evacuation.

    Evacuations made necessary by the unplanned activation of a fire alarm system or by any other emergency shall not be substituted for a required evacuation drill.

    401.8 Interference with fire department operations.

    It shall be unlawful to interfere with, attempt to interfere with, conspire to interfere with, obstruct or restrict the mobility of or block the path of travel of a fire department emergency vehicle in any way, or to interfere with, attempt to interfere with, conspire to interfere with, obstruct or hamper any fire department operation.