5701.1 Scope and application.

    Prevention, control and mitigation of dangerous conditions related to storage, use, dispensing, mixing and handling of flammable and combustible liquids shall be in accordance with Chapter 50 and this chapter.

    5701.2 Nonapplicability.

    This chapter shall not apply to liquids as otherwise provided in other laws or regulations or chapters of this code, including:

    1. 1.Specific provisions for flammable liquids in motor fuel-dispensing facilities, repair garages, airports and marinas in Chapter 23.

    2. 2.Medicines, foodstuffs, cosmetics and commercial or institutional products containing not more than 50 percent by volume of water-miscible liquids and with the remainder of the solution not being flammable, provided that such materials are packaged in individual containers not exceeding 1.3 gallons (5 L).

    3. 3.Quantities of alcoholic beverages in retail or wholesale sales or storage occupancies, providied that the liquids are packaged in individual containers not exceeding 1.3 gallons (5 L).

    4. 4.Storage and use of fuel oil in tanks and containers connected to oil-burning equipment. Such storage and use shall be in accordance with Section 603. For abandonment of fuel oil tanks, this chapter applies.

    5. 5.Refrigerant liquids and oils in refrigeration systems (see Section 606).

    6. 6.Storage and display of aerosol products complying with Chapter 51.

    7. 7.Storage and use of liquids that do not have a fire point when tested in accordance with ASTM D 92.

    8. 8.Liquids with a flash point greater than 95°F (35°C) in a water-miscible solution or dispersion with a water and inert (noncombustible) solids content of more than 80 percent by weight, which do not sustain combustion.

    9. 9.Liquids without flash points that can be flammable under some conditions, such as certain halogenated hydrocarbons and mixtures containing halogenated hydrocarbons.

    10. 10.The storage of distilled spirits and wines in wooden barrels and casks.

    11. 11.Commercial cooking oil storage tank systems located within a building and designed and installed in accordance with Section 610 and NFPA 30.

    5701.3 Referenced documents.

    The applicable requirements of Chapter 50, other chapters of this code, the International Building Code and the International Mechanical Code pertaining to flammable liquids shall apply.

    5701.4 Permits.

    Permits shall be required as set forth in Sections 105.6 and 105.7.

    5701.5 Material classification.

    Flammable and combustible liquids shall be classified in accordance with the definitions in Chapter 2.

    When mixed with lower flash-point liquids, Class II or III liquids are capable of assuming the characteristics of the lower flash-point liquids. Under such conditions, the appropriate provisions of this chapter for the actual flash point of the mixed liquid shall apply.

    When heated above their flash points, Class II and III liquids assume the characteristics of Class I liquids. Under such conditions, the appropriate provisions of this chapter for flammable liquids shall apply.