The provisions contained in this appendix are not mandatory unless specifically referenced in the adopting ordinance.


    H101.1 Part A

    (See Example Format in Figure 1).

    1. 1.Fill out items and sign the declaration.

    2. 2.Part A of this section is required to be updated and submitted annually, or within 30 days of a process or management change.

    H101.2 Part B–General Facility Description/Site Plan

    (See Example Format in Figure 2).

    1. 1.Provide a site plan on 81/2 by 11 inch (215 mm by 279 mm) paper, showing the locations of all buildings, structures, outdoor chemical control or storage and use areas, parking lots, internal roads, storm and sanitary sewers, wells and adjacent property uses. Indicate the approximate scale, northern direction and date the drawing was completed.

    H101.3 Part C–Facility Storage Map–Confidential Information

    (See Example Format in Figure 3).

    1. 1.Provide a floor plan of each building identified on the site plan as containing hazardous materials on 81/2-inch by 11-inch (215 mm by 279 mm) paper, identifying the northern direction, and showing the location of each storage and use area.

    2. 2.Identify storage and use areas, including hazard waste storage areas.

    3. 3.Show the following:

      1. 3.1. Accesses to each storage and use area.

      2. 3.2. Location of emergency equipment.

      3. 3.3. Location where liaison will meet emergency responders.

      4. 3.4. Facility evacuation meeting point locations.

      5. 3.5. The general purpose of other areas within the building.

      6. 3.6. Location of all aboveground and underground tanks to include sumps, vaults, below-grade treatment systems, piping, etc.

      7. 3.7. Show hazard classes in each area.

      8. 3.8. Show locations of all Group H occupancies, control areas, and exterior storage and use areas.

      9. 3.9.Show emergency exits.