• PartIIIBuilding and Equipment Design Features



    501.1 Scope.

    Fire service features for buildings, structures and premises shall comply with this chapter.

    501.2 Permits.

    A permit shall be required as set forth in Sections 105.6 and 105.7.

    501.3 Construction documents.

    Construction documents for proposed fire apparatus access, location of fire lanes, security gates across fire apparatus access roads and construction documents and hydraulic calculations for fire hydrant systems shall be submitted to the fire department for review and approval prior to construction.

    501.4 Timing of installation.

    Where fire apparatus access roads or a water supply for fire protection are required to be installed, such protection shall be installed and made serviceable prior to and during the time of construction except when approved alternative methods of protection are provided. Temporary street signs shall be installed at each street intersection where construction of new roadways allows passage by vehicles in accordance with Section 505.2.