1101.1 Scope.

    This chapter shall govern the design, installation, construction and repair of refrigeration systems that vaporize and liquefy a fluid during the refrigerating cycle. Refrigerant piping design and installation, including pressure vessels and pressure relief devices, shall conform to this code. Permanently installed refrigerant storage systems and other components shall be considered as part of the refrigeration system to which they are attached.

    1101.2 Factory-built equipment and appliances.

    Listed and labeled self-contained, factory-built equipment and appliances shall be tested in accordance with UL 207, 412, 471 or 1995. Such equipment and appliances are deemed to meet the design, manufacture and factory test requirements of this code if installed in accordance with their listing and the manufacturer’s instructions.

    1101.3 Protection.

    Any portion of a refrigeration system that is subject to physical damage shall be protected in an approved manner.

    1101.4 Water connection.

    Water supply and discharge connections associated with refrigeration systems shall be made in accordance with this code and the International Plumbing Code.

    1101.5 Fuel gas connection.

    Fuel gas devices, equipment and appliances used with refrigeration systems shall be installed in accordance with the International Fuel Gas Code.

    1101.6 General.

    Refrigeration systems shall comply with the requirements of this code and, except as modified by this code, ASHRAE 15. Ammonia-refrigerating systems shall comply with this code and, except as modified by this code, ASHRAE 15 and IIAR 2.

    1101.7 Maintenance.

    Mechanical refrigeration systems shall be maintained in proper operating condition, free from accumulations of oil, dirt, waste, excessive corrosion, other debris and leaks.

    1101.8 Change in refrigerant type.

    The type of refrigerant in refrigeration systems having a refrigerant circuit containing more than 220 pounds (99.8 kg) of Group A1 or 30 pounds (13.6 kg) of any other group refrigerant shall not be changed without prior notification to the code official and compliance with the applicable code provisions for the new refrigerant type.

    [F]1101.9 Refrigerant discharge.

    Notification of refrigerant discharge shall be provided in accordance with the International Fire Code.

    1101.10 Locking access port caps.

    Refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors shall be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps or shall be otherwise secured to prevent unauthorized access.

    Exception: This section shall not apply to refrigerant circuit access ports on equipment installed in controlled areas such as on roofs with locked access hatches or doors.