1401.1 Scope.

    This chapter shall govern the design, construction, installation, alteration and repair of systems, equipment and appliances intended to utilize solar energy for space heating or cooling, domestic hot water heating, swimming pool heating or process heating.

    1401.2 Potable water supply.

    Potable water supplies to solar systems shall be protected against contamination in accordance with the International Plumbing Code.

    Exception: Where all solar system piping is a part of the potable water distribution system, in accordance with the requirements of the International Plumbing Code, and all components of the piping system are listed for potable water use, cross-connection protection measures shall not be required.

    1401.3 Heat exchangers.

    Heat exchangers used in domestic water-heating systems shall be approved for the intended use. The system shall have adequate protection to ensure that the potability of the water supply and distribution system is properly safeguarded.

    1401.4 Solar energy equipment and appliances.

    Solar energy equipment and appliances shall conform to the requirements of this chapter and shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

    1401.5 Ducts.

    Ducts utilized in solar heating and cooling systems shall be constructed and installed in accordance with Chapter 6 of this code.