(The provisions contained in this appendix are not mandatory unless specifically referenced in the adopting ordinance.)


    AJ101.1 General.

    The purpose of these provisions is to encourage the continued use or reuse of legally existing buildings and structures. These provisions are intended to permit work in existing buildings that is consistent with the purpose of this code. Compliance with these provisions shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this code.

    AJ101.2 Classification of work.

    For purposes of this appendix, work in existing buildings shall be classified into the categories of repair, renovation, alteration and reconstruction. Specific requirements are established for each category of work in these provisions.

    AJ101.3 Multiple categories of work.

    Work of more than one category shall be part of a single work project. Related work permitted within a 12-month period shall be considered to be a single work project. Where a project includes one category of work in one building area and another category of work in a separate and unrelated area of the building, each project area shall comply with the requirements of the respective category of work. Where a project with more than one category of work is performed in the same area or in related areas of the building, the project shall comply with the requirements of the more stringent category of work.