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    CHAPTER 24
    FUEL GAS  

    The text of this chapter is extracted from the 2015 edition of the International Fuel Gas Code and has been modified where necessary to conform to the scope of application of the International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings. The section numbers appearing in parentheses after each section number are the section numbers of the corresponding text in the International Fuel Gas Code.

    User note: Code change proposals to this chapter will be considered by the IRC – Plumbing and Mechanical Code
    Development Committee during the 2015 (Group A) Code Development Cycle. See explanation on page iv.

    SECTIONG2401 (101)

    G2401.1 (101.2) Application.

    This chapter covers those fuel gas piping systems, fuel-gas appliances and related accessories, venting systems and combustion air configurations most commonly encountered in the construction of one- and two-family dwellings and structures regulated by this code.

    Coverage of piping systems shall extend from the point of delivery to the outlet of the appliance shutoff valves (see definition of Point of delivery). Piping systems requirements shall include design, materials, components, fabrication, assembly, installation, testing, inspection, operation and maintenance. Requirements for gas appliances and related accessories shall include installation, combustion and ventilation air and venting and connections to piping systems.

    The omission from this chapter of any material or method of installation provided for in the International Fuel Gas Code shall not be construed as prohibiting the use of such material or method of installation. Fuel-gas piping systems, fuel-gas appliances and related accessories, venting systems and combustion air configurations not specifically covered in these chapters shall comply with the applicable provisions of the International Fuel Gas Code.

    Gaseous hydrogen systems shall be regulated by Chapter 7 of the International Fuel Gas Code.

    This chapter shall not apply to the following:

    1. 1.Liquified natural gas (LNG) installations.

    2. 2.Temporary LP-gas piping for buildings under construction or renovation that is not to become part of the permanent piping system.

    3. 3.Except as provided in Section G2412.1.1, gas piping, meters, gas pressure regulators, and other appurtenances used by the serving gas supplier in the distribution of gas, other than undiluted LP-gas.

    4. 4.Portable LP-gas appliances and equipment of all types that is not connected to a fixed fuel piping system.

    5. 5.Portable fuel cell appliances that are neither connected to a fixed piping system nor interconnected to a power grid.

    6. 6.Installation of hydrogen gas, LP-gas and compressed natural gas (CNG) systems on vehicles.