User note: Code change proposals to this chapter will be considered by the IRC – Plumbing and Mechanical Code
    Development Committee during the 2015 (Group A) Code Development Cycle. See explanation on page iv.


    P2801.1 Required.

    Hot water shall be supplied to plumbing fixtures and plumbing appliances intended for bathing, washing or culinary purposes.

    P2801.2 Drain valves.

    Drain valves for emptying shall be installed at the bottom of each tank-type water heater and hot water storage tank. The drain valve inlet shall be not less than 3/4-inch (19.1 mm) nominal iron pipe size and the outlet shall be provided with a male hose thread.

    P2801.3 Installation.

    Water heaters shall be installed in accordance with this chapter and Chapters 20 and 24.

    P2801.4 Location.

    Water heaters and storage tanks shall be installed in accordance with Section M1305 and shall be located and connected to provide access for observation, maintenance, servicing and replacement.

    P2801.5 Prohibited locations.

    Water heaters shall be located in accordance with Chapter 20.

    P2801.6 Required pan.

    Where a storage tank-type water heater or a hot water storage tank is installed in a location where water leakage from the tank will cause damage, the tank shall be installed in a pan constructed of one of the following:

    1. 1.Galvanized steel or aluminum of not less than 0.0236 inch (0.6010 mm) in thickness.

    2. 2.Plastic not less than 0.036 inch (0.9 mm) in thickness.

    3. 3.Other approved materials.

    A plastic pan shall not be installed beneath a gas-fired water heater.

    P2801.6.1 Pan size and drain.

    The pan shall be not less than 11/2 inches (38 mm) deep and shall be of sufficient size and shape to receive dripping or condensate from the tank or water heater. The pan shall be drained by an indirect waste pipe of not less than 3/4 inch (19 mm) diameter. Piping for safety pan drains shall be of those materials indicated in Table P2906.5. Where a pan drain was not previously installed, a pan drain shall not be required for a replacement water heater installation.

    P2801.6.2 Pan drain termination.

    The pan drain shall extend full-size and terminate over a suitably located indirect waste receptor or shall extend to the exterior of the building and terminate not less than 6 inches (152 mm) and not more than 24 inches (610 mm) above the adjacent ground surface.

    P2801.7 Water heaters installed in garages.

    Water heaters having an ignition source shall be elevated such that the source of ignition is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the garage floor.

    Exception: Elevation of the ignition source is not required for appliances that are listed as flammable vapor ignition-resistant.

    P2801.8 Water heater seismic bracing.

    In Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2 and townhouses in Seismic Design Category C, water heaters shall be anchored or strapped in the upper one-third and in the lower one-third of the appliance to resist a horizontal force equal to one-third of the operating weight of the water heater, acting in any horizontal direction, or in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s recommendations.