E3601.1 Scope.

    This chapter covers service conductors and equipment for the control and protection of services and their installation requirements. (230.1)

    E3601.2 Number of services.

    One- and two-family dwellings shall be supplied by only one service. (230.2)

    E3601.3 One building or other structure not to be supplied through another.

    Service conductors supplying a building or other structure shall not pass through the interior of another building or other structure. (230.3)

    E3601.4 Other conductors in raceway or cable.

    Conductors other than service conductors shall not be installed in the same service raceway or service cable. (230.7)


    1. 1.Grounding electrode conductors and equipment bonding jumpers or conductors.

    2. 2.Load management control conductors having over-current protection.

    E3601.5 Raceway seal.

    Where a service raceway enters from an underground distribution system, it shall be sealed in accordance with Section E3803.6. (230.8)

    E3601.6 Service disconnect required.

    Means shall be provided to disconnect all conductors in a building or other structure from the service entrance conductors. (230.70)

    E3601.6.1 Marking of service equipment and disconnects.

    Service disconnects shall be permanently marked as a service disconnect. [230.70(B)]

    E3601.6.2 Service disconnect location.

    The service disconnecting means shall be installed at a readily accessible location either outside of a building or inside nearest the point of entrance of the service conductors. Service disconnecting means shall not be installed in bathrooms. Each occupant shall have access to the disconnect serving the dwelling unit in which they reside. [230.70(A)(1), 230.72(C)]

    E3601.7 Maximum number of disconnects.

    The service disconnecting means shall consist of not more than six switches or six circuit breakers mounted in a single enclosure or in a group of separate enclosures. [230.71(A)]