This appendix is for information purposes and is not intended for adoption.

    All plants will burn under extreme fire weather conditions such as drought. However, plants burn at different intensities and rates of consumption. Fire-resistive plants burn at a relatively low intensity, slow rates of spread and with short flame lengths. The following are characteristics of fire-resistive vegetation:

    1. 1.Growth with little or no accumulation of dead vegetation (either on the ground or standing upright).

    2. 2.Nonresinous plants (willow, poplar or tulip trees).

    3. 3.Low volume of total vegetation (for example, a grass area as opposed to a forest or shrub-covered land).

    4. 4.Plants with high live fuel moisture (plants that contain a large amount of water in comparison to their dry weight).

    5. 5.Drought-tolerant plants (deeply rooted plants with thick, heavy leaves).

    6. 6.Stands without ladder fuels (plants without small, fine branches and limbs between the ground and the canopy of overtopping shrubs and trees).

    7. 7.Plants requiring little maintenance (slow-growing plants that, when maintained, require little care).

    8. 8.Plants with woody stems and branches that require prolonged heating to ignite.