• SECTION 501

    501.1 Scope.
    The provisions of this chapter shall govern matters related to building material conservation, resource efficiency and environmental performance.

    SECTION 502

    502.1 Construction material management.
    Construction material management shall comply with Sections 502.1.1 and 502.1.2.

    502.1.1 Storage and handling of materials.
    Materials stored and handled onsite during construction phases shall comply with the applicable manufacturer’s printed instructions. Where manufacturer’s printed instructions are not available, approved standards or guidelines shall be followed.

    502.1.2 Construction phase moisture control.
    Porous or fibrous materials and other materials subject to moisture damage shall be protected from moisture during the construction phase. Material damaged by moisture or that are visibly colonized by fungi either prior to delivery or during the construction phase shall be cleaned and dried or, where damage cannot be corrected by such means, shall be removed and replaced.

    SECTION 503

    503.1 Construction material and waste management plan.
    Not less than 50 percent of nonhazardous construction waste shall be diverted from disposal, except where other percentages are indicated in Table 302.1. A Construction Material and Waste Management Plan shall be developed and implemented to recycle or salvage construction materials and waste. The Construction Material and Waste Management Plan shall comply with all of the following:

    1. The location for collection, separation and storage of recyclable construction waste shall be indicated.

    2. Materials to be diverted from disposal by efficient usage, recycling, reuse, manufacturer’s reclamation, or salvage for future use, donation or sale shall be specified.

    3. The percentage of materials to be diverted shall be specified and shall be calculated by weight or volume, but not both.

    4. Receipts or other documentation related to diversion shall be maintained through the course of construction. Where requested by the code official, evidence of diversion shall be provided.

    For the purposes of this section, construction materials and waste shall include all materials delivered to the site and intended for installation prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy, including related packaging. Construction and waste materials shall not include land-clearing debris, excavated soils and fill and base materials such as, but not limited to, topsoil, sand and gravel. Land-clearing debris shall include trees, stumps, rocks, and vegetation. Excavated soil, fill material and land-clearing debris shall be managed in accordance with Section 406.1.

    SECTION 504

    504.1 Recycling areas for waste generated post certificate of occupancy.
    Waste recycling areas for use by building occupants shall be provided in accordance with one of the following:

    1. Waste recycling areas shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the jurisdiction’s laws or regulations;

    2. Where laws or regulations do not exist or where limited recycling services are available, waste recycling areas shall be designed and constructed to accommodate recyclable materials based on the availability of recycling services; or

    3. Where recycling services are not available, waste recycling areas shall be designed and constructed to accommodate the future recycling of materials in accordance with an approved design. The approved design shall meet one of the following:

    3.1. The approved waste recycling area design shall be based on analysis of other regional recycling services, laws or regulations.

    3.2. The approved waste recycling area shall be designed to meet the needs of the occupancy, facilitate efficient pick-up, and shall be available to occupants and haulers.