• SECTION 801

    801.1 Scope and intent.
    The provisions of this chapter are intended to provide an interior environment that is conducive to the health of building occupants.

    801.2 Indoor air quality management plan required.
    An indoor air quality management plan shall be developed. Such plan shall address the methods and procedures to be used during design and construction to obtain compliance with Sections 802 through 805.

    SECTION 802

    802.1 Scope.
    To facilitate the operation and maintenance of the completed building, the building and its systems shall comply with the requirements of Sections 802.2 and 802.3.

    802.2 Air-handling system access.
    The arrangement and location of air-handling system components including, but not limited to, ducts, air handler units, fans, coils and condensate pans, shall allow access for cleaning and repair of the air-handling surfaces of such components. Access ports shall be installed in the air-handling system to permit such cleaning and repairs. Piping, conduits, and other building components shall not be located so as to obstruct the required access ports.

    802.3 Air-handling system filters.
    Filter racks shall be designed to prevent airflow from bypassing filters. Access doors and panels provided for filter replacement shall be fitted with flexible seals to provide an effective seal between the doors and panels and the mating filter rack surfaces. Special tools shall not be required for opening access doors and panels. Filter access panels and doors shall not be obstructed.

    SECTION 803

    803.1 Construction phase requirements.
    The ventilation of buildings during the construction phase shall be in accordance with Sections 803.1.1 through 803.1.3.

    803.1.1 Duct openings.
    Duct and other related air distribution component openings shall be covered with tape, plastic, sheet metal or shall be closed by an approved method to reduce the amount of dust and debris that collects in the system from the time of rough-in installation and until startup of the heating and cooling equipment. Dust and debris shall be cleaned from duct openings prior to system flush out and building occupancy.

    803.1.2 Indoor air quality during construction.
    Temporary ventilation during construction shall be provided in accordance with Sections 803.1.2.1 through 803.1.2.3.

    803.1.2.1 Ventilation.
    Ventilation during construction shall be achieved through openings in the building envelope using one or more of the following methods:

    1. Natural ventilation in accordance with the provisions of the International Building Code or the International Mechanical Code.

    2. Fans that produce a minimum of three air changes per hour.

    3. Exhaust in the work area at a rate of not less than 0.05 cfm/ft2 (0.24 L/s/in2) and not less than 10 percent greater than the supply air rate so as to maintain negative pressurization of the space.

    803.1.2.2 Protection of HVAC system openings.
    HVAC supply and return duct and equipment openings shall be protected during dust-producing operations.

    803.1.2.3 Return air filters.
    Where a forced air HVAC system is used during construction, new return air filters shall be installed prior to system flush out and building occupancy.

    803.1.3 Construction phase ductless system or filter.
    Where spaces are conditioned during the construction phase, space conditioning systems shall be of the ductless variety, or filters for ducted systems shall be rated at MERV 8 or higher in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2, and system equipment shall be designed to be compatible. Duct system design shall account for pressure drop across the filter.

    803.2 Thermal environmental conditions for human occupancy.
    Buildings shall be designed in compliance with ASHRAE 55, Sections 6.1, “Design,” and 6.2, “Documentation.”

    Exception: Spaces with special requirements for processes, activities, or contents that require a thermal environment outside of that which humans find thermally acceptable, such as food storage, natatoriums, shower rooms, saunas and drying rooms.