Part V—Hazardous Materials


  • SECTION 5001

    5001.1 Scope.
    Prevention, control and mitigation of dangerous conditions related to storage, dispensing, use and handling of hazardous materials shall be in accordance with this chapter.

    This chapter shall apply to all hazardous materials, including those materials regulated elsewhere in this code, except that when specific requirements are provided in other chapters, those specific requirements shall apply in accordance with the applicable chapter. Where a material has multiple hazards, all hazards shall be addressed.


    1. In retail or wholesale sales occupancies, the quantities of medicines, foodstuffs, consumer or industrial products and cosmetics containing not more than 50 percent by volume of water-miscible liquids and with the remainder of the solutions not being flammable shall not be limited, provided such materials are packaged in individual containers not exceeding 1.3 gallons (5 L).

    2. Quantities of alcoholic beverages in retail or wholesale sales occupancies shall not be limited providing the liquids are packaged in individual containers not exceeding 1.3 gallons (5 L).

    3. Application and release of pesticide and agricultural products and materials intended for use in weed abatement, erosion control, soil amendment or similar applications when applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions and label directions.

    4. The off-site transportation of hazardous materials when in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOTn) regulations.

    5. Building materials not otherwise regulated by this code.

    6. Refrigeration systems (see Section 606 ).

    7. Stationary storage battery systems regulated by Section 608.

    8. The display, storage, sale or use of fireworks and explosives in accordance with Chapter 56.

    9. Corrosives utilized in personal and household products in the manufacturers’ original consumer packaging in Group M occupancies.

    10. The storage of distilled spirits and wines in wooden barrels and casks.

    11. The use of wall-mounted dispensers containing alcohol-based hand rubs classified as Class I or II liquids when in accordance with Section 5705.5.

    5001.1.1 Waiver.
    The provisions of this chapter are waived when the fire code official determines that such enforcement is preempted by other codes, statutes or ordinances. The details of any action granting such a waiver shall be recorded and entered in the files of the code enforcement agency.

    5001.2 Material classification.
    Hazardous materials are those chemicals or substances defined as such in this code. Definitions of hazardous materials shall apply to all hazardous materials, including those materials regulated elsewhere in this code.

    5001.2.1 Mixtures.
    Mixtures shall be classified in accordance with hazards of the mixture as a whole. Mixtures of hazardous materials shall be classified in accordance with nationally recognized reference standards; by an approved qualified organization, individual, or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS); or by other approved methods.

    5001.2.2 Hazard categories.
    Hazardous materials shall be classified according to hazard categories. The categories include materials regulated by this chapter and materials regulated elsewhere in this code.

    5001.2.2.1 Physical hazards.
    The material categories listed in this section are classified as physical hazards. A material with a primary classification as a physical hazard can also pose a health hazard.