• SECTION E4501

    R4501.1 Definitions, general.

    R4501.1.1 Tense, gender and number.
    For the purpose of this code, certain abbreviations, terms, phrases, words, and their derivatives shall be construed as set forth in this section. Words used in the present tense include the future. Words in the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter. Words in the feminine and neuter gender include the masculine. The singular number includes the plural and the plural number includes the singular.

    R4501.1.2 Words not defined.
    Words not defined herein shall have the meanings stated in the Florida Building Code, Building; Florida Building Code, Mechanical; Florida Building Code, Plumbing; Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas; or Florida Fire Prevention Code. Words not defined in the Florida Building Code shall have the meanings stated in the Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged.

    R4501.2 Definitions.

    ABOVE-GROUND/ONGROUND POOL. See “Swimming pool.”

    ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITY. The individual official, board, department or agency established and authorized by a state, county, city or other political subdivision created by law to administer and enforce the provisions of the swimming pool code as adopted or amended.

    APPROVED. Accepted or acceptable under an applicable specification stated or cited in this code, or accepted as suitable for the proposed use under procedures and power of the administrative authority.

    APPROVED SAFETY COVER. A manually or power-applied safety pool cover that meets all of the performance standards of the ASTM International in compliance with ASTM F 1346.

    APPROVED TESTING AGENCY. An organization primarily established for the purpose of testing to approved standards and approved by the administrative authority.

    BACKWASH PIPING. See “Filter waste discharge piping.”

    BARRIER. A fence, dwelling wall or nondwelling wall or any combination thereof which completely surrounds the swimming pool and obstructs access to the swimming pool, especially access from the residence or from the yard outside the barrier.

    BODY FEED. Filter aid fed into a diatomite-type filter throughout the filtering cycle.

    CARTRIDGE FILTER. A filter using cartridge-type filter elements.

    CHEMICAL PIPING. Piping which conveys concentrated chemical solutions from a feeding apparatus to the circulation piping.

    CIRCULATION PIPING SYSTEM. Piping between the pool structure and the mechanical equipment. Usually includes suction piping, face piping and return piping.

    COMBINATION VALVE. A multipart valve intended to perform more than one function.

    DESIGN HEAD. Total head requirement of the circulation system at the design rate of flow.

    DIATOMITE (DIATOMACEOUS EARTH). A type of filter aid.

    DIATOMITE-TYPE FILTER. A filter designed to be used with filter aid.