The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, design, construction and installation of storm drainage.


    Rainwater from roofs and storm water from paved areas, yards, courts and courtyards shall drain to an approved place of disposal. For one- and two-family dwellings, and where approved, storm water is permitted to discharge onto flat areas, such as streets or lawns, provided that the storm water flows away from the building.

    1101.3Prohibited drainage.

    Storm water shall not be drained into sewers intended for sewage only.


    The conductors and the building storm drain shall be tested in accordance with Section 312.

    1101.5Change in size.

    The size of a drainage pipe shall not be reduced in the direction of flow.

    1101.6Fittings and connections.

    All connections and changes in direction of the storm drainage system shall be made with approved drainage-type fittings in accordance with Table 706.3. The fittings shall not obstruct or retard flow in the system.

    1101.7Roof design.

    Roofs shall be designed for the maximum possible depth of water that will pond thereon as determined by the relative levels of roof deck and overflow weirs, scuppers, edges or serviceable drains in combination with the deflected structural elements. In determining the maximum possible depth of water, all primary roof drainage means shall be assumed to be blocked. The maximum possible depth of water on the roof shall include the height of the water required above the inlet of the secondary roof drainage means to achieve the required flow rate of the secondary drainage means to accommodate the design rainfall rate as required by Section 1106.

    1101.8Cleanouts required.

    Cleanouts shall be installed in the storm drainage system and shall comply with the provisions of this code for sanitary drainage pipe cleanouts.

    Exception: Subsurface drainage system.

    1101.9Backwater valves.

    Storm drainage systems shall be provided with backwater valves as required for sanitary drainage systems in accordance with Section 715.